Entrepreneur, Editor, Writer, Public Speaker, Animal & Environment Mentor


 Bill Di Stanisloa brings with him more than 25 years of personal and professional experience in the business world including Global Administration, Non-profit management as well as hotel and resort operations.  Licenses include Real Estate, Community Association Management, Food Safety & Hotel licensing. 

Bill currently also serves on the Advisory Board for the National Wildlife Federation with past Board positions representing the NE Florida Conservatory, Florida State College,  NE Florida YMCA and the South Florida Choral Org. 

Bill Di Stanisloa's creative talents include film and stage acting, directing and management.

My writing roots

Writing came naturally when I became introverted as a result of my desire for independence from a programmed society.  On stage and off, I tend to become so passionate about a topic that I seem to intimidate those at attendance. I prefer to express physically without the dependency on acronyms via texting or instant messaging.  I also knew I could reach more minds on a wider scale with real-time writing on social media.  My mission is to continue an awareness and provoke a responsibility and accountability for our lives as humans, and the lives of all forms on this planet.

My style

Since programmed society mandates a type of writing style be assigned to the writer then indeed "Persuasive Writing" would best reflect my style.  True writing as in true expression has no man-made style as it would confine one to a template created by another to suit a percieved form of an approved template, again created for a programmed and governed educational system.  Direct truth would be an understatement of many of my writings, comments and personal quotes.  It is my intention to create immediate change as the clock is ticking on this magnificent planet and the "sheep" are repeating the same so- called "Tradition" with no benefit to self or others. Humor is my first love which at times can indeed serve a lighter note and still make an impact on mass consciousness.

Bill Di Stanisloa